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The Worst Pet Peeves In The History Of Ever!

Published on: 1st May, 2021

Episode Intro: 

We are your hosts Art and Amber Castillo! Married, parents, and fitness trainers. We lift heavy, we laugh all day, and we live in Mexico. Join in as we cover multiple topics full of relatable true life stories with a comedic spin! If you’re ready to know what you don’t know, come on in!

Episode Summary:

Another bonus episode about the peeves that pet us in the worst way. We go on a little tangent about the things that annoy us the most with our worst pet peeves list!


  1. ”Pick a lane buddy”
  2. “Slow walkers give me walk rage”
  3. “it’s by accident not on accident”
  4. “I hate unnecessarily loud breathers”
  5. ”Don’t post your to-do list on FB, get a pocketbook”
  6. “I hate all cashiers ever”


  1. Patton Oswald: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5WoaCkA_OuM

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